Privacy agreement

Privacy Agreement


Please, be aware that once you totally agree on clauses and conditions of this Utilization Agreement and access our website, this will be recorded in the server's logs.


Read carefully the terms and conditions hereunder prior to access this website. By accessing or utilization of our website you agree the following terms and conditions. You have to periodically review these terms and conditions whereas they could be subject to amendments upon our choice. In case you disagree any of these terms or conditions, do not access or utilize our website whatsoever. The following terms and conditions are applied to all our websites, including any website held, operated or sponsored by any of our subsidiaries or affiliates. "Content" means any material, documents, imagines, graphs, logos, projections, audio, video or any other information supplied by or on our websites. 



1. We supply this website in order to support your activity

This website is supplied free of charge, for your information. By a merely granting of access to the content of our website, we do not secure that:




We do not undertake liability for aforesaid problems. In other words, accessing our website, is an action on your own risk. In no case, but without limitation to default, we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, special, incidental or resulted. This includes loss of data or profit arising from utilization or inability to use the content of this website, even one of our representatives has been informed on your damages. If the utilization of our website means the need to perform service, repairs or correct the equipment or data, you shall undertake the costs insofar allowed by legal provisions. Some jurisdictions do not allow exclusion or limitation of liability for indirect or incidental damages. In such jurisdictions, our liability is limited to the maximum allows by law.


2. We supply our website "As It Is" and we do not undertake any Guarantee

The content of our website is supplied "As It Is" and with no guarantee, either implicit or express. We do not undertake any guarantee, either implicit or express.

3. We are not liable for links to the content of a third party

We could supply hyperlinks or indications towards other websites kept by third parties or could supply contents posted by third parties on our website by framing them on sections or using other methods. Links to websites of a third party are supplied only to be selected and used for your information. Content of any linked website is not under our control, so we are not liable for the content, including for other links on the site of a third party. If you decide to access any site of a third party, linked to our website, is totally on your own risk. It is you choice to take precautions to ensure the website of such third party where you connect to, is free of IT viruses, worms, troyens or other destroying elements.

4. If we supply a link, we do not necessarily secure a third party

We preserve the right to terminate a link to the website of a third party at any time. The fact of supplying a link to the website of a third party, does not mean we endorse, authorize or sponsor that website. Moreover, does not mean we are affiliates of a third party - owner or sponsor - of the said website.

5. If a third party makes a link to our website, this does not represent an endorsement

If a third party makes a link to our website, this does not mean necessarily an indication of an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, affiliation, joint venture company or partnership by or with our company. In most cases, we are not informed that a third party has made a link to our website.

A website which makes a link to our website:



6. Should you transmit or supply data, these are deemed as being free of confidentiality requirements

We do not intent to receive from you personal or confidential data via our website. Should you transmit or posted on our website any materials, data, information or ideas, by any means, these are to be treated as free of confidentiality requirements and not personal and could be spread or used by us to any purpose. Personal data supplied to us shall be treated in compliance with our policies on personal information.

You are not authorized to post on or transmit from our website any unlawful, threatening, slanderer, libelous, obscene, shameful, provocative, scurrilous, profaning, or any other content which may entail any civil or criminal liabilities under legal provisions.


7. Utilization of our website is subject to restriction

Content of our website is owned and operated by our company. Content of our website is protected for copyright by ORDA (Romanian Agency for Copyright) Romania and by copyright international laws, as well by international treaties provisions. Moreover, content of our website is protected also by trademark, personal data, advertising laws, by communication regulations and statutes.

No part of or of other website owned, operated under license or controlled by our company is subject to any copy, reproduced, republished, modified, loaded, posted, transmitted or distributed whatsoever. Moreover, you are not allowed without our consent, to "imitate" any document consisting of our website on any other server.

Violation of aforesaid restrictions would be a violation of one or several laws and is expressly forbidden by law. Should you breach such restrictions, you may be the subject of civil or criminal consequences in law. Should our company allows waiving to such restrictions, the said permission is automatically terminated if you violate any of these terms or conditions. On termination, you must destroy any downloaded or printed documents.

8. By supplying the content of our website, you are not allowed to use our trademarks

Trademarks, service marks and logos of CRIS CONSULT S.P.R.L subject to utilization and presented on our website are our trademarks, registered or not registered. Nothing of this website has to be construed as granting, by involvement, obstruction to assert or deny some thing set as being true, any license right to utilization of any of our trademarks without our written consent. Requests to utilize trademarks owned by other companies which might be mentioned on our website must be directly addressed to the said companies. We strongly exercise our intellectual rights. Name CRIS CONSULT S.P.R.L and our logo cannot be used whatsoever, including publicity or advertising related to distribution of documents on our website without our prior written consent. You are not authorized to use our logo as a hyperlink to our website, unless you have got our prior written consent.

9. You must obey to local legislation on accessing our website

This website is controlled by our office of Romania. We do not make any statement specifying that documents or the website content are available to be also used in other jurisdictions.

Access to documents or content of our website from jurisdictions where such access is unlawful is forbidden.

If you choose to access this website from other jurisdictions, this will be on your own account and you are liable to comply with local applicable laws. We are not liable for any violation of legislation. Any claims related to our website, its documents and content shall be subject to the enforcement of Romanian laws without taking effects any conflictuality principle. You agree that any legal action or proceeding between our and your company, for any purpose regarding this Agreement or obligations thereof must be exclusively lodged to a Court located in Bucharest.

10. You are held liable for amendments to the terms and conditions of this Agreement

You may review any time these terms and conditions following the updating of this page. By the utilization of our website, you agree to be held liable by any of such revisions and therefore, you have to periodically visit this page to verify the current status of this Agreement and explicit Waiving on Utilization and individual use of website CRIS CONSULT S.P.R.L.

Some provisions of these terms and conditions could be replaced by other notes or legal terms located in other parts of our website. In case of a discrepancy between the terms and conditions of this Agreement and terms and conditions of any other agreement between CRIS CONSULT SPRL and its clients or suppliers, the latter express terms and conditions shall prevail.

11. Third parties could have rights under this Agreement

Some of these clauses of this Agreement are to the benefit of CRIS CONSULT SPRL and of its directors, employees, agents, license providers, suppliers. Each of the aforesaid persons or entities shall be entitled to declare and applied these clauses directly on you, on their own behalf.

12. Cessation of this Agreement

This Agreement could cease by any of the parties, with no notification, at any time, providing that you are not used this website after its cessation. Clauses 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of this Agreement shall be valid subsequently any cessation of this Agreement.

13. Miscellaneous

Our failure to be steady or to strictly apply the achievement of any clause of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiving to any clause or right. Neither carrying out of actions between parties nor the commercial case-law may cause the amendment of any clause of this Agreement.

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     Cris Consult S.P.R.L. is ready to serve you and to offer specialized advisory services in insolvency field, rendering cost-efficient businesses, as well closing of economic activities through maximization of proceeds and effective winding up of assets concerned, in a profitable manner for your company and its creditors.


     Our team strongly believes, based on a long-standing experience in this field and on judiciary practice thereof, that a company, being in financial distress, in insolvency or even in bankruptcy, following the implementation of professional and legal methods, could become able to satisfy its creditors concomitantly with the maximization of the debtor's proceeds. We are convinced that both parties can be winners, if the practitioner in insolvency approaches the respective situation in a legal, efficient, transparent and worked out manner.


   We are confident that you'll find our website useful, mirroring our work methodology and our core values.

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     Our company, in order to meet your requirements and bring additional outcome to our work, has extended online its services, by structuring an online website page dedicated to online advisory services.


     Access to the said services is free of charge and our team is ready to give a feedback as soon as possible on the same website page in juridical and economic matters, related to insolvency, bankruptcy, reorganization etc.


     As such, pertinent and serious questions shall be subject to a sincerely and unselfish treatment, offering online answers and solutions.

     Further details on debated aspects on insolvency and bankruptcy are available by using the button hereunder.

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